Image by John Baker

Thick Toast : White, Wholegrain or Sour Dough bread served with vegemite, honey or jam. $5

Thick Fruit Toast : Served with butter and jam (Marmalade, Fig, Raspberry, Strawberry or Blackberry) $8

Banana Bread : Toasted Banana Bread with Canadian Maple Syrup $8

Apple Crumble Waffle : Apple Crumple Waffle with butter scotch sauce, ice-cream topped with a macadamia crumble $16

Welsh Rarebit : A creamy cheddar cheese sauce on sour dough with poached eggs and mild chilli jam $14

Haloumi & Tomato : Served on turkish bread with avocado and a balsamic reduction. $16

OMEGA 3 : Tinned Sardines with pan fried capers, tomatoes, fresh herbs & olive oil with sour dough $14

Avocado & Creamy Danish Feta : On sour dough with Robs homemade tomato relish & pesto $16

Egg Benedict: Ham or Bacon : Poached free range eggs and hollandaise on ciabatta bread $18

Smoked Salmon Benedict : Poached free range eggs, hollandaise on ciabatta bread $22

Spinach & Garlic Mushroom : With avocado, poached eggs & hollandaise on ciabatta bread $18

Free Range Eggs on Toast : Poached, Scrambled or Fried. $12

Spanish breakfast : Spicy beans, bacon, chorizo and a fried egg with ciabatta bread $18

Chicken schnitzel with spicy Ragu: Served with a creamy cheese sauce. $22

Stones Big Breakfast : Bacon, sausage, free range eggs, fried garlic mushroom, potato rosti & 

grilled tomato served with toast. $24


Bacon/Ham/ Sausage/ Lambs Fry in onion gravy 7

Smoked Salmon/ Haloumi 8

Tomato/ Mushrooms/ Baked Beans/ Avocado/ Free range Egg/ Bubble and Squeak/ Rosti 4

Jams/ Honey/ Vegemite/ Homemade Relish/ Hollandaise 0.70

Extra slice of toast/ gluten free bread 1.50