Thick Toast: White, Wholegrain or Sour Dough bread served with vegemite, honey or jam. 5

Thick Fruit Toast: Served with butter and jam (Marmalade, Fig, Raspberry, Strawberry or Blackberry) 8

Banana Bread: Toasted Banana Bread with Canadian Maple Syrup 8

Apple Crumple Waffle: Apple Crumple Waffle with butter scotch sauce, ice-cream topped with a macadamia crumble 16

Welsh Rarebit: a creamy cheddar cheese sauce on sour dough with poached eggs and mild chilli jam 14

Asian style fried eggs : served on roast pork shoulder and wilted greens & a spicy tamarind sauce. 22

Haloumi & Tomato: served on turkish bread with avocado and a balsamic reduction. 16

OMEGA 3: Tinned Sardines with pan fried capers, tomatoes, fresh herbs & olive oil with sour dough 14

Avocado & Creamy Danish Feta : on sour dough with Robs homemade tomato relish & pesto 16

Egg Benedict: ham or bacon, poached free range eggs and hollandaise on ciabatta bread 18

Smoked Salmon Benedict: poached free range eggs, hollandaise on ciabatta bread 22

Spinach & Garlic Mushroom: with avocado, poached eggs & hollandaise on ciabatta bread 18

Free Range Eggs on Toast: Poached, Scrambled or Fried. 12

Spanish breakfast: spicy beans, bacon, chorizo and a fried egg with ciabatta bread 18

Chicken schnitzel with spicy Ragu: served with a creamy cheese sauce. 22

Stones big breakfast: bacon, sausage, free range eggs, fried garlic mushroom, potato rosti & 

grilled tomato served with toast. 24


Bacon/Ham/ Sausage/ Lambs Fry in onion gravy 7

Smoked Salmon/ Haloumi 8

Tomato/ Mushrooms/ Baked Beans/ Avocado/ Free range Egg/ Bubble and Squeak/ Rosti 4

Jams/ Honey/ Vegemite/ Homemade Relish/ Hollandaise 0.70

Extra slice of toast/ gluten free bread 1.50

Dinner Menu

Entrée Salads & Sides

 Herb & Garlic Ciabatta Bread 8

Arancini Balls: With fennel and pea, served with a creamy cheese sauce & capsicum jam 14

Crispy Squid: With chilli, pepper, salt served with hollandaise 15

Trio of dips: With herb pizza bread 18

Mediterranean Salad: mixed lettuce, tomatoes, feta, olives, roasted capsicum, red onion, 

Cucumber in a balsamic dressing 15


Pork Ribs: slow cooked Ribs in our home made BBQ ginger sauce (good to share or as a main) 30

Chicken schnitzel: with a spicy pork Ragu, creamy cheese sauce, roast potatoes and a small med salad 30


Pasta We also have a gluten free option for an extra $3 (Subject to availability)

Mushrooms & Spinach Penne: pan fried garlic field mushrooms & spinach in 22

EVO & garnished with danish feta & herb crumb  22

Puttanesca on Spaghetti: with garlic, tomato, capers, olives, chili, anchovies 22

Carbonara on Spaghetti: a traditional creamy, garlic & bacon sauce 22

Bolognese on Spaghetti: cooked the traditional way. 22

Blue Cheese and Chicken on Gnocchi: Served with spinach in a creamy white wine sauce 22

Pumpkin and pine nuts on Gnocchi: pan fried gnocchi with pumpkin, pine nuts, herbs and 22

garlic with a hint of sweet soya Chicken and Pesto on Penne: in a homemade creamy pesto sauce 22

Tiger Prawns & Crab: on spaghetti pan fried with wine, tomato, chili, garlic, Olive oil & herbs 32

Vegan Lasagna : made with eggplant, pumpkin, mushroom, topped with basil tomato sauce & herb crumb 24