Gourmet Pizza

We also have a gluten free option for an extra $3 (Subject to availability)

Margarita : tomatoes, pesto, red onions. 15 / 20

Herbivore : mushrooms, pumpkin, onions, roasted capsicum, tomato, roasted  eggplant, olives, feta and garnished with yogurt raita. 16/23

Acapulco: Mexican bean base with chicken, tomato, avocado, sour cream & jalapenos 16/23

Barcelona: tender pork shoulder, chorizo, bacon, prawns, onion & capsicum jam 18/28

Zoe’s: chicken with brie, red onion, avocado and Stones tomato relish. 16/23

Stones Pizza: hickory sauce base, mushrooms, bacon, chicken, cheery tomatoes served with sweet chili & sour cream. 16/23

Carnivore: ham, pepperoni, chorizo, bacon, on a hickory sauce base. 16/23

Gourmet Supreme: leg ham, chorizo, mushrooms, roast capsicum, tomatoes, olives, red onions , oregano and anchovies. 16/23

Pepperoni: plenty of pepperoni with mushrooms, olives and anchovies. 16/23

Athens: tender lamb meat balls with tomatoes, feta, kalamata olives, red onions garnished with a garlic & yogurt dressing. 18/28

Mumbai: marinated chicken in a mild curry sauce, red onions, mango chutney, toasted cashews and yogurt raita. 16/23

Garlic Prawn: Australian tiger prawns with Spanish onions, garlic butter & sour cream. 22/30

Salmon & Avocado: Garlic and cheese base with red onions, smoked salmon and garnished with sour cream, avocado, capers and lemon. 22/30           

 If you like it hot ask for our chilli hot box